How do Chinese and American Repair Shops Compare?

All throughout the world, there are thousands of places that you can get your car or vehicle serviced whether it be in the United States or in China. How similar and how different are automobile repair shops in the U.S. and in China.

I would consider the United States as having a more complex understanding of all vehicles all around. If you fordthink about it, the United States produces it’s own vehicles. How many of these get shipped overseas. American auto body shops are prepared to fix any type of vehicle, whether it have been made in China or the U.S. I feel by now the US has probably had every single type of vehicle with an engine in a shop. I feel Americans know the ins and outs, and tips and tricks of how all vehicles run.

Now on the price of getting repairs done is where the US may fall short. Yes, It may be nice to get your car fixed, but what is it going to cost you? I’ve heard a handful of different people complain about the outrageous price they were going to have to pay for a repair on their vehicle. Honestly, auto body shop owners have to make a living too.

foreign vehicleNow on China’s side, I see them also dealing with a variety of different cars just because of how huge their country really is. Just think of the different types of foreign cars that probably roll through there. This is interesting to think about. Makes you wonder how many US built cars get shipped over. I would say many due to China is a big business country. On the variety scale I would say the US is a tad bit ahead, but China isn’t too far along.

Now on the price that Chinese repair shops charge, I have done some research and found that these repair shops don’t charge close as much as the US. Because of the way their government is ran, it makes sense to why they don’t charge as much.


Is Labor in China fair?

Can the Chinese laborers be compared to the Mexicans? I think not, but others would say yes.

If you think about it, the people in China work in China and then ship the goods off to the United States and other countries. While Mexicans illegally migrate into our countries and take jobs from our people. Yes, Americans complain about them stealing jobs, but would people in the US really do those jobs if the Mexicans weren’t there. I think the answer to that question is no.

But this isn’t about politics and what reality is all about. This is about if the Chinese are really as skilled as laborers anywhere.

I once was getting my car detailed and the windows were also getting tinted. What was unusual about this experience was that the man who was applying the tint to my windows was a Chinese man. Don’t get me wrong I love my foreigners, but I just had never seen an Asian man working on cars before. And this man actually did a great job on my car. I was so happy with the work that he had done. I had to ask him how long he had been doing this and where he had learned how to do it. He said an old friend taught him. This man’s English wasn’t that good and it was sometimes hard to understand what he was saying.

Whereas, my father had a different experience. My dad is the typical republican and he is older so he is a little on the racist side. He is very close minded and judgmental. I have a pretty good relationship with my father’s so I usually tell him about my day when I make a call to him. I was telling him about the Chinese man what the wonderful job that he had done on my car. As usual, my dad had his typical words to say about foreigners. I convinced my dad to go get his windows tinted and the next day he gave me a call. Turns out he had a terrible experience and ended up totally getting the tint removed because the tint job that was done was so terrible and the man that did it for him was white. Not saying that has anything to do with it, but I think it’s a slight example that maybe we are underestimating the Chinese.


Do We Trust Foreign Vehicles?

In the US, many people debate about if we should trust vehicles that were built in foreign counties or not. I personally, do trust these vehicle that weren’t built here.

I drive a Toyota Tundra. I have driven this truck for over 6 years and I have never had any problems with it. Except for a few minor things like a squeaking belt, but that is it. While I see friends and family of mine that have Fords or other “American” built cars and trucks and they always seem to have their vehicle in the shop or having something worked on. 

Yeah it may not be the American way, but what really is the American way. We have and buy many and plenty of products that aren’t made or created here in the US. Heck we even sometimes consume meat or produce that were grown or cultivated in other countries so what makes this any different?

If a product works, lasts a long time, and is good quality, then who cares where it came from.

For example, I was at a friend’s wedding and we actually took a limousine to where we wanted to go. As always, I got to help with the reservations and booking of some of the events for the wedding. While I was talking to the limo company, the man consistently insisted that his limos were all made in the USA and he was sort of bashing foreign vehicles. Turns out we were on the way to the wedding and the car breaks down. Now what’re the odds of that?

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Of course my friend was a little angry I mean it was his wedding for crying out loud!

We had another event we were planning for and of course we need a limo. So we called one up and the guy had some great quality limos and they were not made in the US. And guess what, they didn’t break down either. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but come on, what’re the odds.


All in all, I would definitely recommend foreign built cars because yes they are good quality. I’m not sure if this means that foreign countries understand the process of building a solid machine better, or if US companies are just too cheap.

How many times have you seen on the news that US car companies are having to recall certain models of cars because there was some type of safety issue or someone died because something wasn’t made properly? If I have to choose between where a vehicle was made over safety. I would choose safety over time.

So I highly recommend going with the car or truck or SUV that is the best fit for you. I wouldn’t go into a car dealer ship with a bias on your shoulders because I think it is just making things tougher for you in the long run. You will know when you have chosen the right vehicle for you. We are humans and we seem to carrying a lot of bias opinions when it comes to a lot of different things and I don’t think that is appropriate in anyway shape of form.

If you ever need advice on what type of vehicle you should chose or any thoughts you have, you can contact me by leaving a comment. I will be more than happy to help. I have definitely been in your same shoes and it is no fun. Yes you can also go on many different websites throughout the web and find what you’re looking for. I will be honest with you regardless and you don’t have to worry about bias opinions from me.